By taking this survey you are helping give us valuable feedback about our training process. We strive to make our volunteer training as effective and enjoyable as possible. We take your responses and comments very seriously when we plan training. Thank you very much for participating in this process!

Day 1 Training
Take this survey if it is your first day of your two-day training at South Seattle College.

Day 2 Training
Take this survey if it is your second day of your two-day training  at South Seattle College.

Half-Day Training for Returning Volunteers
Take this survey if you have completed the half-day training at South Seattle College for returning volunteers,

Seattle University Training
Take this survey if you are a Seattle University student taking this training at Seattle University as a part of your tax course requirements.

University of Washington Training – Day 1
Take this survey if you have completed the first day of training at the University of Washington.

University of Washington Training – Foreign Students Tax Returns
Take this survey if you have completed the training for Foreign Students 1040NR tax returns at the University of Washington.