HSA Certification

2018 Health Savings Account Training

Tax returns with Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) require additional certification before volunteers are permitted to prepare them. Volunteers must pass the HSA test with a score of at least 80% to receive the certification.

HSA Certification is optional. You do not need to become HSA certified to prepare taxes at your tax site, but without it, you won’t be authorized to work on tax returns with HSAs.

IRS Publication 969 is an in-depth reference to Health Savings Accounts.

Click HSA Training on the left of the screen to launch our HSA training module.

HSA Certification Testing

Once you’ve completed the training module, answer the HSA questions in Pub 6744 beginning on page 133.

Then, click the HSA Certification Test link on the left of this page. Enter the answers from your Pub 6744 into the online test. Print the screen showing your passing score and bring it to your site manager at your next tax volunteer shift.

If you don’t pass the HSA test on your first try, don’t worry! Your site manager will show you how to take the HSA Retest when you’re ready to give it a second attempt.

If you have any questions about HSA certification, contact freetax@uwkc.org