Thank You to our previous members for their dedication to outstanding service to the community!


Americorp Regional Access Point Members:

Chloe- Multi Service Center

“Eye-opening, empowering, humbling, exhausting, rewarding”

Nicole- Multi Service Center

“Community, important, development, engagement, learning”

Dat- Catholic Community Services

“Duty, service, experiment, uncertainty, temporary”

Shelby- Catholic Community Services

“Empowering, difficult, rewarding, growth, long”

Lauren- Catholic Community Services

“A, true, learning, experience, tired” 

Morgan- Catholic Community Services

“Meaningful, difficult, traveling, community”

Kristine- Catholic Community Services

“Busy, overwhelming, experience, life-changing, empowering”

Noelle- Solid Ground

“Tumultuous, taxing, trans-formative, tremendous, thankful” 

Ian- Solid Ground

“Layered, resourceful, teamwork, grateful, curiosity” 

Ellen- Coordinated Entry for All

Americorp Community Colleges & Community Based Organization Members:

Riesa- Shoreline

“Growth, complicated, important, impactful, important”

Laurence- Shoreline

“Enlightening, challenging, flexibility, perplexing, ownership”

Zach- Seattle Central

“Dismantling, oppressive, systems, all, day” 

Adriaan- Seattle Central

“Complex, community-centered, learning, intimidating, important”

Julius- South Seattle

“Empowering, inspiring, innovative, rewarding, humbling”

Elishua- Highline

“Revealing, motivational, complicated, exhausting, real”

Sarina- Highline

“Rewarding, development, respect, emotional, inspiring”

Olin- Compass

“Humanizing, draining, empowering, powerless”

Shirley- PSESD

“Development, exploration, learning, experience, rewarding”

Hamza – Year Up

“Self-service, gratitude, giving, self-growth, reaching-out”

Tax Site Managers:

Genny – United Way of King County

“Meaningful, impact, community, service, change”

Nadia – United Way of King County

“Impact, access, pragmatic, innovative, trans-formative” 

Americorp VISTA’s:

Sarah – United Way of King County

“Challenging, inspiring, impactful, meaningful, change”

Isaiah – United Way of King County

“Advocacy, development, experience, leadership, service” 

AmeriCorps Lead

Tori – United Way of King County  

“Surprising, energizing, challenging, motivational, lifelong”

Program Coordinator

Charlotte Gavell – United Way of King County